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French, American & Hungarian Oak Beans™

 Unlike a chip, StaVin Beans provide a slow and controlled extraction of flavor components. Whereas oak chips deliver a monochromatic, harsh flavor profile, the Beans' gradation of toast delivers a deliver a delicate mixture of aromatic compounds. The gradation results from our gradual toasting process. StaVin's Beans impart to wine complex flavor and aroma profiles similar to that of the best barrels.
  The oak we select is equal in quality to premium barrel staves. American oak, harvested from Missouri and Minnesota, French and Hungarian oak are seasoned naturally for three years.
  One 20 lb. (9kg.) Bean bag will yield 100% new barrel extraction to 900 gallons (3407 l.) of wine.
  During red wine fermentation, Oak Beans are highly effective for initiating the stabilization of color and crosslinking grape tannins to help build mid-palate structure. We recommend tying off the Bean bags beneath the cap. After primary fermentation is complete and the wine has been drained and pressed into another tank, move the bags with the wine. Alternatively, leave the Beans in the tank and immediately follow with another red wine fermentation.

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French Oak Stave Segments
Designed for convenience, the StaVin Segments are easily installed in tanks. Simply place the 15 lb. (6.8kg.) bags directly into tanks and use during fermentation, or at any time during the winemaking process. In order to achieve new barrel extraction levels, StaVin recommends 2 lb. per 60 gal. (.9 kg per 227 l.)
  Because the Segments are larger than our Oak Beans, they offer a lengthier extraction period which delivers additional complexity to a wine's flavor profile. We recommend a minimum contact time of three months. The Segments have a useful life of eighteen months, at which time they are fully extracted.

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Stave Fan
When budgets do not justify expensive new barrels, winemakers need a quality alternative achieving the same flavors as the best barrels. StaVin's Stave Fans enable winemakers to economically integrate into their wines our finest three year seasoned French, Hungarian or American quality oak flavors. A Stave Fan contains staves that are 2-2.25in (5.1-6.4 cm.) wide x 36 in. (91 cm.) long bundled together. We drill a 3/8 in. hole in one end of each stave and connect all the staves in a Fan with stainless, passivated wire.

Designed for convenience, Fans are easily suspended in tanks by a variety of methods.

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