Micro oxygenation

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Calculation of flows for micro oxygenation
 The OxBox will not measure flows in mL O2/L/month (the standard units used with micro oxygenation of wine). The flow meter measures in mL /minute. To set the flow rate, the winemaker must know the size of the tank and desired oxygenation rate. Once determined, one of the two tools below (a downloadable spreadsheet is provided at the bottom of the page) can be used to calculate the required flow (mL/min.), depending on whether or not the type of sparging (oxygenation) desired is constant or periodic.

Calculation flows

  Constant oxygenation is probably the safest, since flow rates will be lower during the process. Therefore, change will be slower and easier to control. However, periodic oxygenation may be more similar to a barrel program, where wine gets occasional aeration during racking and topping. Which method is more advantageous remains to be determined.
  The OxBox electronic flow meter cannot accurately measure oxygen flow below 0.25 to 0.5 mL/min. For tank volumes smaller than 3,000 gallons, the meter's limitations makes constant oxygenation difficult to control due to the lower rates required. However, this tank could still be oxygenated using the periodic formula, enabling a winemaker to provide the same amount of oxygen over a one month period.

For your convenience we have provided an excel spreadsheet for you to download