Micro oxygenation

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The OxBox
The OxBoxThe toasted oak is shown setup as a StaVin Matrix in this tank. The control box is mounted at the top of the tank to minimize potential siphoning of wine through the box if the oxygen tank is depleted or shut off. Locating the OxBox on a catwalk will lessen the likelihood of anyone, other than the proper user, changing the settings.
  The oxygen used for the system is industrial grade, actually purer and less expensive than medical grade oxygen. It is purer because industrial or welding grade has no tolerance for water of hydrocarbons, since they may affect welding.

The OxBox configuration
OxBox configuration  The StaVin OxBox is housed in an industrial strength plastic waterproof box with a transparent front panel. The sparge tips are HPLC filters made of sintered steel with a 10µm pore size. This micron size provides a very fine bubble or mousse as oxygen is metered into the wine.

Micro oxygenation unit (the OxBox)

Micro ox unit

 The OxBox is based on classic gas chromatograph technology. Like the HP 5700 GC, the OxBox uses a high precision flow regulator combined with mechanical flow controllers to set oxygen flow for each tank. The flow meter is electronic and needs to be on only when setting flows to each tank.
  The "jumper" tubes either directly connect the flow control to the tank, or are used to orient the oxygen flow through the flow meter when setting the flow to each channel.
  The four bottom gauges measure back pressure due to the depth of wine exerting pressure against the stone. Once set, the gauges measure a small amount of back pressure. Simply note this beginning pressure. If the pressure rises more than 5-6 psi, the sparge stone may be clogged or fouled and should be cleaned.

Download{new window} installation, monitoring and care and maintenance instructions as a pdf.