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Use of micro oxygenation and oak during red wine production to
initiate the stabilization of color and build mid-palate structure

Questions frequently asked by winemakers:
1. How can I retain more color in my red wine?

2.  How can I build body in my red wine?

3. How can I improve the fruity character of my wine?

4.  How can I reduce harshness?

5. Can you make stave tanks taste like barrel aged wine?

6. Is oak added only for flavor?

7. Can micro oxygenation improve my wine?

8. Can micro oxygenation reduce vegetal descriptors?

9. How can I reduce sulfides during fermentation?

10. How can I mitigate sulfides during aging?

11. Is micro oxygenation oxidizing my wine?

Winemakers often have the issues listed above when they receive grapes or wine which may not have matured ideally during the viticultural period. The products and techniques suggested on this website will help you to enhance these wines.